Gordon’s Bay

Suikerbossie is probably one of the most stunning yet complex sites we have worked on to date. The view over False Bay is breath-taking only rivalled by the proximity of the mountain towering overhead at the back of the plot. Combining this with the relatively small site with its steep slope and challenging weather conditions (especially the frequently howling Southeast) and we had our work cut out to do justice to the location. The goal was to provide our clients with a low maintenance and cost-effective solution that maximised the views and was able to draw nature into each room yet still providing shelter again the elements. Robust material selection such as off-shutter concrete, semi-facebrick and stone harvested from site not only adds to ease of maintenance but grounds the house – blending her into the mountain slope where she sits with graceful ease. Living spaces flow in and out of the protected courtyard with its small pool. The architecture frames the setting yet never takes centre stage providing a safe space to enjoy this stunning piece of heaven on earth.