House Boshoff

Val de Vie Estate, Paarl

Our clients, Mr & Mrs Boshoff, were living abroad when we were appointed to design their house in Val de Vie. The process was facilitated by Guardian Project Management and we met with the Boshoffs once to receive a well-thought-through brief. The north-facing site, with beautiful views overlooking one of the larger dams in Val de Vie, guided the design and placement of the house on the site. The house comprise of two wings (ships), a northern- and southern ship, both facing 10 degrees east of north. These ships are defined by two very simple, separate pitched roofs connected by a concrete roofed section.

All living areas & main bedrooms are located in the northern ship with the garages, guest bedroom and ‘loft’ staffroom in die southern ship, also facing north by extending past the shorter northern ship.