Die Laan 33

Stellenbosch Central

Die Laan 33 is a special project for BE3 Architects. It is not often that we get a chance to work within the heart of Stellenbosch. It is a privilege that comes with responsibility! Onsite was an old house – dark, cold and rather unappealing. The client was looking into the possibility of reinventing it. After doing a complete feasibility study, including heritage and structural input and costing comparing concept designs for a major refurbishment versus demolition and starting with a clean slate it was decided to opt for the latter. All required processes were followed, and approvals obtained. The old house was demolished salvaging the oregon pine roof structure for re-use.  What was built is a contemporary home with a 2nd dwelling unit at the furthest end of the plot. The architectural language is clearly 2020 but sensitive in scale, material use and proportion to the streetscape of the area. One of the main challenges was a 4-storey flat block bordering the northern side of the plot. So, creating privacy and good orientation were tricky. Elegantly floating roofs open to the north east sun without compromising privacy. A special project in a special setting for a special client.

“I gave Hanlie a “Book of Lofts” marked up to my liking, a tricky site in the historical centre of Stellenbosch and a request for a modern house, but yet to still include some elements from the old house – a demanding ask! She succeeded brilliantly in pulling it all together into my new home. Hanlie also combines her exceptional architectural skills with impressive project management. She has designed and executed a space that is modern, functional and within budget, which I am fortunate to be able to call home. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to give her yet another challenge – no other architect will suffice.”

Mari Rabie