Clara Anna 98

Clara Anna Fontein

Our first project in Clara Anna with construction starting in May 2020. As per usual estate architecture comes with its own unique challenges trying to create the best site and client specific solutions within the constraint of architectural guidelines. Fortunately, the client had good references, a strong brief and left the rest in our hands. Clients who trust the professionals they appoint are always going to get the best out of their team! The design consists of two wings connected by a link passage. Four split levels help to mitigate the slope onsite and limit the number of stairs one need to climb at any given time. The views are towards the east over a public open space while the north side of the property is flanked by a double storey house. Being a corner plot privacy of the entertainment area was also an important consideration. All these factors guided the lay-out. The result is a strong, simple plan form making the most of the views without compromising on privacy.