About Us

BE3 Architects prides themselves in passionately pursuing excellence in design, generated from a sensitive response to context and individual client requirements.

Our firm was founded in March 2007 by Hanlie. Susan joined the practice in March 2008. We met while working at a well-respected Stellenbosch firm where we acquired extensive experience (5-8 years) in all phases of projects, from concept design right through to detail documentation and site management. We focus on architecture that expresses the unique qualities of light, material and structure to create memorable and delightful spaces.

We are passionate about design as well as our country’s exceptional beauty and advantageous climate. A combination of factors that must lead to exceptional architecture.

Our Vision

We strive for excellence in design, service delivery and client relations. We accept our country’s unique social and economic circumstances and are committed to not only deliver an outstanding service, but also to contribute positively to the development and upliftment of our society as a whole. Being citizens of the world, we are also very aware of environmental issues and dilemmas and the immense impact the ever-expanding built environment is having on our precious natural resources. Our aim is to be responsible and accountable in every aspect concerning our natural environment.

Scope of Work

  • Residential – single residential to multi-storey apartment blocks
  • Commercial – retail and offices
  • Hospitals and clinics – revitalisation of and additions to existing facilities
  • Historical – re-use and renovation of historical buildings
  • Mixed use developments – combining residential and commercial facilities
  • Urban revitalisation in a historical sensitive context